Features of a workforce scheduling software for hospitals in Hyderabad

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June 03, 2021

Hyderabad is the largest city in the state of Telangana located in south India. Hyderabad has India’s best hospitals. The city has 50 government hospitals with a bed facility of 5794 and 165 private hospitals and up to 4000 clinics and Nursing Homes and 500 diagnostic centers. Hyderabad has an old Osmania medical college and India’s best hospitals like Appollo and Yashodha. (source)

Four hospitals of Hyderabad rank in India’s top 50 best hospitals. Hyderabad is improving its healthcare systems with technology. Managing hospitals in the traditional way do not work anymore. Being the city with one of the best healthcare provider hospitals of Hyderabad, need staff scheduling software to serve their patients efficiently and to manage their staff properly.

Healthcare staff scheduling software helps in many ways where working hours are not defined. Below is the list of important features of staff scheduling software.

Features of a scheduling software for your hospitals in Hyderabad

If you are planning to go for staff scheduling software, make sure the software must have the following features.

Roster management:

The hospitals with multiple shifts need roster management to ensure that a sufficient number of employees are scheduled to get the work done. Roster management helps in staff management, especially the hospitals with a huge number of patients visiting every day. A medical staff scheduling software makes employee scheduling effective and also results in more productivity.

With the best healthcare staff scheduling software, you can bring the right person to the right place. The roster system identifies the requirement of the task and matches it with the skills of an employee. This is one of the biggest time savers and another reason to have staff scheduling software.

Change management:

Schedule changes are not a new concept in a healthcare organization. No matter how perfectly you create a schedule, there will always be one or another change. The reason can vary from unplanned leave by an employee to a change in the hospital routine. Well, staff scheduling software has the features of swap shifts in which employees can swap their shifts with other employees without creating a disturbance in the routine of the organization. Filling in non-availability becomes easier 

Holistic view for department head:

Every employee should have access to the application of staff scheduling software where they can log in and communicate with the team managers, swap shifts, provide information about their availability. And the head manager has a look at the entire department on one screen. The manager knows which team is working in which department. 

Leave management:

No more hassle to check the mails of employees applying for leaves, and you get confused. With staff scheduling software, your employees can apply for leave, and you can see dates and all the leave applications in one place. This makes it easier to provide leaves to staff without disturbing the routine work of the organization. And if you have an organization with a huge staff, you absolutely need this software.

Payroll management:

With all features mentioned, the above staff scheduling software provides flexibility to integrate with 3rd party software to download attendance reports. With these possibilities, it becomes much easier to calculate the pay of the staff. With the help of technology, it reduces the chance of errors. 

Reporting and analysis:

The benefit of having staff scheduling software is you get reports on how your staff is working, you understand your staff properly. Some of the important reports are productivity reports, leave reports, and open shift reports. This report makes you understand the behavior and preference of your employees.

With the help of reports, your next scheduling becomes easier. You know your staff preference, now you can schedule accordingly to improve your employee’s productivity, and this will reduce the number of no-shows by your employees. 

Real-time notification and alerts:

Staff scheduling software comes with great benefits of technology. In a huge healthcare organization, it is not possible to conduct a meeting for every change that happens in the schedule. With staff scheduling software, it’s easier to broadcast messages to the entire staff. This reduces the chance of miscommunication. 

Real-time notifications and alerts keep everyone on the same page. Also, because of mobile-based applications, it is easier for healthcare staff to check notifications and alerts. Managers do not need to connect over call and send voice messages. The notification will be updated on a workboard.


Upgrading healthcare organizations with technology is not an option anymore, it’s a necessity. Hyderabad is growing into smart cities in India. Hyderabad is working hard to create awareness about cardiovascular health in the south Asian population.

With the staff scheduling software for healthcare, hospitals in Hyderabad can see a huge difference in productivity levels. With the help of this software, progress can be done rapidly. The employees of your organization will become more productive. With too much of a load on healthcare workers, a medical staff scheduling software can make things easier and reduce the chances of burnout of healthcare workers.

If you are looking to upgrade your healthcare organization with staff scheduling software it is the time to take action. 

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