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Optimize and revolutionize your group scheduling.

Dockyo powerful, interactive scheduler processes the most complex rules and generates optimized specialty-specific schedules to meet your needs.
Staff scheduling

Dockyo's various
customer specialties

Regardless of whether doling out a supplier to the Cath Lab, center or available to come in to work, booking for a Cardiology practice is rarely simple. Utilizing Dockyo, the whole interaction from formation of the schedules to shift management would now be able to be robotized.
Emergency Medicine
With Dockyo, time to build schedule reduces with more chances of optimized shift which leads to EM professionals experience improved work-life balance.
Dockyo ensures optimized schedules will consistently be made with the correct equilibrium taking consideration into the criticality of the nerologists.
Dockyo is extremely simple to use which permits Pathologists to centralize schedules and other tasks.
Pediatric Medicine
Dockyo allows Pediatricians to manage optimized scheduling to provide utmost care to pediatrics.
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Assemble and deal with an optimized OB/GYN schedules for minutes, not days. Decrease costs. Improve execution.
Dockyo makes it easy to centralize call scheduling for othopredics.
The Radiology scheduler should represent the various areas every Radiologist should cover which become easy with dockyo to make optimized schedules.

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    A software that makes your life easy by managing the scheduling of the professionals more effective, effortless, and Hassel free. Scheduling software for management of medical on-call rosters, clinical allocations, and hospital communications.


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      Copyright 2020. Dockyo. All rights reserved.

      Copyright 2020. Dockyo. All rights reserved.