10 Reasons To Choose Shift Scheduling Application

Staff scheduling software for healthcare

Written By Zach Barber

May 13, 2021

Staff scheduling software for healthcare has become an absolute necessity in the healthcare sector. Let’s see why every healthcare provider should opt for a staff scheduling application.

The Healthcare industry takes more than 10% of the GDP of the most developed countries. The increasing demand for healthcare has provided workforce dynamics as the service providers emphasize providing impeccable services.

Thus, there is a constant juggle and hustle between providing satisfactory services to the patients and assigning the right staff for the tasks.

The Global Healthcare Workforce Management system is expected to increase to $1.78 billion by 2026.

For this purpose, the healthcare workforce management system has gained momentum in recent years.

Now, managing the workforce in healthcare comprises a lot of things. That includes patient management, creating payrolls, and most importantly, the healthcare staff scheduling.

Well, marking down the schedule on pen and paper is not viable and seems to be more time-consuming and takes more effort. Thus, healthcare staff scheduling software can be the real game-changer for service providers.

Now, what’s so special about this healthcare staff scheduling software? And how various healthcare providers like chief nurses, doctors and even the higher authorities can leverage the benefits of a staff scheduling software for healthcare?

10 Top Reasons To Choose Shift Scheduling Application in details

From automating the shifts to scheduling them, shift scheduling applications have made life easier for healthcare providers.

Automation of Staff Scheduling

One of the more tedious tasks is healthcare staff scheduling and assigning them the shifts. With staff scheduling software for healthcare, authorities can check each of their medical staff using a single interface.

It undertakes tasks such as the record for the absentees, overtime, availability of the healthcare provider. Staff Scheduling Software for healthcare optimizes the staff scheduling process using the IT ecosystem, where higher authorities can assign the individual workforce to each of the staff.

Improved Communication

An essential aspect of managing the large workforce is the improved communication between different levels of the organization.

With features like quick user chat and real-time changes, the employees can communicate quickly with their respective authorities. Hence, it eliminates the hassle of voice calls or 1-on-1 interaction.

Admin or the head of the organization can send the broadcast messages or interact with its employees on various situations within this shift scheduling application, saving efforts and time for conducting the meetings.

Works for Open Shifts

Open shifts give flexibility to the health staffs to pick any shifts that they want to. Be it the visiting physicians or the permanent resident staff of the organization, healthcare scheduling software works seamlessly in managing the open shifts.

Now, this gives freedom to the staffs as well as the authorities. Healthcare providers can take open shifts depending on their availability. The authorities or the financial department can get a detailed report about the available shifts of each of its employees from these shift scheduling applications.

Reduces the Chances for Error

Healthcare staff scheduling using Manual Spreadsheets or penning down the schedules or attendance on the board can reduce productivity and increase the workload.

Hence, the shift scheduling software efficiently manages the workforce and reduces the chances for error. Even if there is a change in the shift, at the last minute, staff scheduling software for healthcare scheduling software updates and keeps the backup of each employee data for the previous months.

Calculate Staff Shift Coverage Instantly

One of the major USPs of the staff scheduling software for healthcare is that it helps the healthcare organizations maximize shift management and coverage by assessing the reports related to the staffing ratios.

Hospital managers have a bird’s eye view of the shifting coverage. Thus, duplicity in healthcare staff scheduling is avoided, and the managers can efficiently assign the shifts to the particular employee. And avoid duplicity in healthcare staff scheduling.
Some healthcare staff scheduling software like Dockyo alerts the managers by notifying them about the duplicity even if the healthcare provider belongs outside the organization.

Shift scheduling application

Manage Staff Anytime, Anywhere

One of the foremost advantages of having cloud-based shift scheduling application software is that it lets the managers manage the healthcare staff scheduling from any part of the globe and anytime. The next step in the web-based staff scheduling software is the native mobile apps.

With the robust mobile application, employees and employers can stay in touch 24/7, enhance productivity, and reduce the hassle of personal communications through phone or texts.
For example, a staff on vacation may need to check their shifts once they return or notify the managers about the availability at the specified date. Hence the mobile apps can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Decreases Employee Turnover

Shift scheduling software is indeed the panacea of all solutions and a must-have application for healthcare staff scheduling in the 21st century.

It reduces employee turnover drastically. Shift scheduling software does not leave the last-minute shifts stranded and hence enable employees to swap shifts quickly.

Through robust mobile applications, employees can communicate with each other, agree or reject the shift swap and confirm with the manager within the same dashboard.

Quality and Compliance

Apart from assigning the shifts and schedules, the healthcare organizations must be compliant with the labour laws and regulations.
Shift Scheduling applications send alerts and notify the manager or the person in charge when an employee does overtime.

Furthermore, the healthcare staff scheduling software links to all your employee data. Managers can create different departments or divide organizations into their respective fields.

Creates Accurate Staffing Levels

Healthcare Scheduling software gives organizations a competitive edge in the industry by creating a smooth workflow and boost productivity. More productivity means faster healthcare staff scheduling and quick assigning of the staffs.

Moreover, the application works at the different hierarchical level. For instance, Fortis Healthcare is a large organization that can be divided into various regions and sub-regions. This further can be narrowed down to the location-based scheduling department- specific scheduling.

Thus, the shift scheduling application gives flexibility to different departments within the same healthcare organization to manage the staff efficiently.

Manage Payrolls

Lastly, these staff scheduling software for healthcare can manage your payrolls indirectly. Using the data of each employee-based and taking into account their shifts and attendance, shift scheduling applications give detailed reports.

These reports can be downloaded in any of the desired formats. Finally, the hospitals and healthcare providers can use the information to manage and streamline their employees’ salaries using a third-party payroll system.

Wrapping Up

The world is changing every second, and so healthcare is.

With the trend, healthcare organizations need an urgent solution to tackle delays in healthcare staff scheduling and manage their workforce with excellent efficiency. Here comes the necessity of using a shift scheduling application.

Many companies offer staff scheduling software for healthcare. Hence, Dockyo.com is prime and quintessential healthcare staff scheduling software that can be leveraged for better staff management boost productivity.
The best part that it offers a demo of the Staff scheduling software for healthcare for its client with access to all the features and functions.


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