Save Time with Dockyo- #1 Roster Management Software for Healthcare

Save time with Dockyo

Written By Zach Barber

January 27, 2021

An online roster management software for healthcare combined with a mobile provider app for shift notification are a match made in heaven. Enterprise healthcare systems that use Dockyo, the best healthcare roster management software report savings of 3 hours on average every time there is a change in shift or creating new shifts to be filled.

Now, who doesn’t want some extra hours? Everyone, I guess. But, the more significant question is what you could do with these available hours.

In this blog, I am going to show you some ways in which you can leverage the extra hours that you get by using a roster management software and make the best possible use out of them.

How roster management software for healthcare saves time

When we figure out how we can leverage the extra time, the advantages of a software will be convincing to us.

Following are the ways to spend the leisure time.

1. Spend more time with your family 

Despite rapidly developing new technologies and advancements in medicine which includes healthcare roster management software and medical scheduling software, physicians spend a lot of time with patient care regulatory charting. Additionally, physicians are hard-working, dedicated, determined, and motivated. 

However, everyone has a mental breaking point and needs time available for family and loved ones. After a long tiring day, all that is needed for us is some time with the family to share the day’s happenings, achievements etc. 

Spending time with family members instils trust in each of them. During this time, parents can help their children develop self-esteem by teaching them problem-solving and communication skills.

So, with hours saved with the help of a roster management software for healthcare, physicians can spend quality time together and an increased sense of connection amongst family members. This also reduces stress and increases their productivity. Therefore, why not?

2. Spend more time with patient for quality care 

Incredible progress in diagnosing, preventing, and treating diseases has reduced deaths and extended the life expectancy to age never before seen in history. 

Yet, many factors introduced by our third-party payer system and the corporatization and businessification of medicine adversely affect the doctor-patient relationship.

Patient care has become increasingly impersonal, hurried, and commercialized.

The physicians’ qualities to patients and society are many, but most importantly, physicians need to be present and engaged with our patients as individuals. This is exactly where Dockyo, the best healthcare roster management software comes handy.

The doctor-patient relationship remains the core of our professional responsibility.

As doctors save time using the software for healthcare, they can divert this time into improved patient consultation and interaction. This gives a sense of satisfaction to both the doctor and patient while also aiding in early diagnosis and better treatment.

3. Spend time on team huddles 

The daily huddle can help improve optimal patient outcomes. Taking the time to communicate about patients within the group using a roster management software for healthcare enhances awareness of the unit’s general state. And, it also decreases chaos caused by poor communication. 

Problems that may have been overlooked can be discussed quickly and may be resolved in a short time, allowing the number of safety alerts to decrease. 

4. Spend time on a CME 

Maintaining lifelong learning and skills is vital for safe clinical practice. Continuing medical education (CME) is an established method that can facilitate lifelong learning. It focuses on maintaining or developing knowledge, skills, and relationships to ensure competent practice.

CME allows a physician to learn and explore viable ways to change the patient care they deliver. It also helps to effectively conduct a career in the medical industry’s ever-changing landscape. A physician with more knowledge is an asset to the healthcare provider.

Hence diverting the time saved by using a healthcare roster management software towards CME is definitely a good option to consider.

5. Spend time on a hobby 

Passions outside of work deliver a crucial reminder. We are humans first and physicians second. Hobbies could serve as a stress-free way to tune up mental stress with all the activities in a hospital.

According to research, spending more time on a hobby can improve people’s confidence in their ability to perform well at work. Businesses pay a price when people don’t have time for hobbies. Hobbies can significantly improve an employee’s performance at work.

A few examples of hobbies that can boost the physician’s quality of life are meditation, writing, playing an instrument, reading. Next time you find yourself with some leisure time be sure to catch up on any of these hobbies.

So you have seen some significant hobbies you could do to spend your free time. To make this happen, you need the best healthcare roster management software that can help you do the scheduling most efficiently. 

Check out the services offered by, the world-class healthcare roster management software provider.


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