Steps in Provider Scheduling Software to Help your Shift Scheduling

Provider Scheduling

Written By Zach Barber

September 02, 2019

Healthcare organizations should manage the clinical capacity with patient demand to avoid delays in patient care. To ensure efficient coordination and manage the ability of all providers and staff in a multi-speciality organization, an efficient provider scheduling software is essential.

 Let’s look into how provider scheduling would benefit the healthcare

How Provider Scheduling Software Helps Healthcare

In this section, we will see the benefits of provider scheduling softwares.

Re-invest staff time

In the healthcare industry, a typical scheduling call lasts 8.1 minutes. More than eight minutes have passed! When you do the math, that means each full-time provider at clinics and health systems spends 93 business days a year just scheduling patients for treatment.

First and foremost, this offers a tough time for the patients. No one wants to waste almost ten minutes scheduling a doctor’s appointment. But it’s also a time-consuming operation for clinic and system personnel. 

Time spent on the phone scheduling patients could be better spent delivering high-quality in-office treatment, organizing care, and reaching out to the most high-risk patients for a personal touch.

According to studies, providers that provide online scheduling will cut their call volume by 24%. Without increasing the amount of time your employees spend on the phone, you can reduce call volume and even scale your company and book more appointments. 

Patients can make appointments whenever it is most convenient for them, without the help of a staff member, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Fill Up your Calendars using Provider Scheduling Software

Offering online scheduling has the potential to do more than saving time and reducing phone calls. It can also increase patient experience. Patients who schedule their appointments are more likely to turn up, according to online scheduling results.

After implementing an online scheduling system, one multi-speciality company in New England saw a 42% reduction in no-shows.

Patients would be more likely to attend their appointment if they have complete insight into provider availability and the influence of their schedules. This kind of visibility is possible thanks to real-time, two-way EHR integration, making online scheduling a breeze for both the patient and healthcare staff.

Improve The Patients’ Health and Happiness

Patients who keep their appointments are more likely to meet their personal wellness goals and have better clinical results. As a result, allowing them to schedule their appointments leads to healthier and happier patients.

Provider scheduling software allows end-to-end tracking of patient payment history and outstanding payments.

Understanding the patient’s needs by asking the right questions and assessing the best care management methods are the keys to effective patient scheduling. 

A well-coordinated and organized appointment scheduling and management process improves patient trust and improves revenue cycle efficiency. 

No-shows are reduced by proactive communication with patients through an online portal and automatic reminders, while appointment scheduling helps clinicians better control their schedules and eliminate long wait times.

Now let’s dive into the steps to initiate provider scheduling.

Steps in Provider Scheduling

The first step to initiate provider schedule using a provider scheduling software includes:

  • Centralize healthcare shift scheduling platform for provider scheduling across the enterprise

Dockyo scheduling considers multiple constraints, including shift time, preferred providers in a team, labour laws for the shift worked to create schedule across the enterprise, multi-speciality, multi-team settings.

  • Visibility into providers’ working to get their availability 

The software provides an intuitive dashboard with transparency across providers working today and how to connect when required. You can integrate the scheduler view with EHR to provide visibility across the organization. 

  • Empower providers through efficient provider scheduling

For upfront planning of leave and schedule changes, the provider can use Dockyo’s mobile app to submit requests. They are automatically integrated into schedule creation. They can also swap shifts with other team members. A provider can submit requests for shifts which allows the scheduler/planner to meet provider preference to maintain a happy employee engagement.

  • Enable tracking and analysis of how providers are trending towards a target

Dockyo brings together scheduling & labour data from across the organization to inform effective staffing strategy and provides actionable insight to achieve a continuous cycle of improvement, resulting in reduced costs and increased patient access.

By continuous improvement on your scheduling need, the overall health of your enterprise will continue to be better, including patient flow with proper care, increased revenue, and provider job satisfaction.

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