Manage Staff Leave Through Healthcare Staff Scheduling Software

Written By Zach Barber

December 26, 2020

Using a staff scheduling software for healthcare is one of the ways to build an optimized schedule in hospitals. Scheduling software helps a shift administrator in healthcare staff scheduling by taking into account the staff’s time off and leaving. 

Medical shift scheduling application streamlines and automates the process of designing and managing employee schedules for healthcare workers. 

In this blog, I will show you why every healthcare organization should have healthcare staff scheduling software. Also, we will take a trip through the features of the shift scheduling application developed by the best providers in this field, i.e. Dockyo.

How Staff Scheduling Software Manages Staff

Let’s get right into the details on how staff scheduling softwares help organizations to manages their staff. 

Avoids Manual data compilation and errors 

  • Without online healthcare staff scheduling software, you have to compile the leave data from the payroll system, email, post-it notes, calling the physician, and even remember a conversation.
  •  Managing time off for a shift administrator or scheduler is complicated, time-consuming in the absence of a staff scheduling software for healthcare.   
  • An incorrect shift can lead to revenue loss and patient care issues. 
  • As a shift administrator, you are responsible for building your speciality schedule and ensuring shifts are equally distributed.

Reduces the use of manual tools 

For some group planning, a quarterly schedule can take an average of 2 – 5 days, depending on several specialities and the department’s size.,This multitude of factors is difficult to manage using manual tools such as spreadsheets, phone trees, and email. At the same time, the staff scheduling software for healthcare can handle all these variables very easily.

Employee Monitoring

  • Employee behaviour is tracked in all possible ways by healthcare staff scheduling tools. 
  • Even the most simplistic staff scheduling software for healthcare can track an employee’s vacation days, paid time off, and overtime. 
  • On the other hand, advanced healthcare staff scheduling software solutions examine those same metrics to provide more background for HR departments to help them recognize patterns and further details.

Reduced Cost

  • Shift scheduling application cuts the time it takes to develop and manage shift schedules in half. 
  • It also helps to reduce employee turnover. 
  • When the nursing staff knows that their scheduling needs have been considered and are not overworked, they will be less depressed and less likely to burn out.
  • Lower burnout means lower turnover, which means fewer resources spent on hiring, onboarding, and educating new employees.

Now, do you feel that the staff scheduling software is an excellent financial investment for the organization?

Higher Employee morale and commitment

  • Everyone will be comfortable and engaged when you have a routine that works with all of your staff and meets the needs of your patients. 
  • Instead of being unhappy, tired, and missing a change because it doesn’t suit their work-life balance, employees would be happy, energetic, and productive. 
  • That would increase the productivity of the staff and creates an atmosphere of cooperation and harmony. 
  • In the long run, this would benefit the hospital in the form of a higher number of patients and increased revenue.

After all, who wouldn’t prefer a hospital with cheerful and cooperative medical staff?

Thus, it is clear that investing in shift scheduling application would mutually benefit the hospital administration and the medical staff. If you are looking for the best healthcare staff scheduling application Dockyo is the one-stop solution.

 Dockyo, designed for healthcare staff scheduling, solves the planning issue. The shift scheduling applications developed by Dockyo has the following features:

  • Allow the staff to enter the time of details by a physician on a native iOS or Android mobile app. The team can plan ahead of time, can even input your leave in advance or change them as needed.
  • The scheduler has updated information during the planning to avoid conflicts.
  • As a scheduler releases schedules in real-time, physicians get notified via text alert, and any conflict’s on leave can be resolved in real-time.
  • Schedulers can now source shift earlier and ensure that the scheduler manages clinical capacity through online leave management.
  • Finally, shift administrators can generate a customized report to integrate with the payroll management system to ensure accurate payroll disbursement.

 Providers are now turning to technology and strategic scheduling to address their unique staffing needs. Adopting a SaaS cloud-based scheduling software benefits everyone in the team, brings transparency to the planning and significantly reduces the time spent by shift administrators to manage capacity.

So, go ahead and opt for a shift scheduling application for your firm.


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