How Scheduling Impacts Healthcare POST COVID

Corona and healthcare

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May 26, 2021

In 2020, COVID-19 became one of the most deadly viruses since the Spanish Flu, which spread in 1918. While the different lives were disrupted and many jobs were lost during the ghastly coronavirus pandemic, one thing that stems from the flow was the utter use of technology. 

Technological advancements incorporated into healthcare brought the pre-requisite changes in the lives of people. Unexpectedly, the Telemedicine industry saw a significant surge during the COVID-19 period. 

In 2020, the Telemedicine industry saw a tremendous growth of about 80% compared to 2019, with market size of $9.5 billion.

The introduction of healthcare staff scheduling software has made life even easier for patients and healthcare providers.

Source: ScienceSoft

While the patients can book an appointment from the comfort of their home, the healthcare providers can manage their workforce depending on the healthcare staff scheduling software

Moreover, emergency cases can be taken care of even better with robust technology like Scheduling. 

Overall, the Scheduling has proved to be a win-win situation for both providers and patients. 

How Healthcare Staff Scheduling Software Helps Providers?

COVID-19 has affected healthcare providers the most. While it has created a window of opportunities in Telemedicine, the healthcare providers in the traditional health system are wary of the effects of a pandemic on lives. 

With providers working round the clock to meet the meteoric rise in the number of patients, healthcare organizations need to ensure that patients are limited and the workforce is efficient enough to avoid overcrowding. 

Luckily, the medical staff scheduling software came in as the life-saver for various healthcare providers, and that’s why it has been used on a massive scale recently. 

Here is how Scheduling can help the healthcare providers better manage to ensure no risks of spread of the virus: 

Provide Additional Healthcare Staffs As Per Schedule 

The case arises in emergencies. In case, demand for healthcare providers has increased with the increasing number of patients, and healthcare organizations will incorporate the new providers with different specialities. 

Hence, the medical staff scheduling software will allow you to send quick updates and assign tasks to the new workforce.

Limit The Number of Locations For Visiting Doctors 

Visiting doctors perform practice at various locations. These providers travel across various healthcare provider organizations, including clinics and hospitals. 

Clinical Scheduling software during the COVID19 with the slew of tools can majorly help the healthcare providers to schedule with the organization using the cloud-based solution. That becomes incredibly important in organizations that have limited protective equipment to reduce the spread of the virus. 

Furthermore, medical staff scheduling software eliminates redundancy by collecting all the information at a single place for all the healthcare staff. Hence, such data is accessible from the cloud. 

Remove Extra Staff From Schedules

Some healthcare providers opt to stay out of the regular consultation during the spread of COVID-19. Some healthcare providers choose to provide online consultation using consultation software. 

Moreover, healthcare organizations can revolve the healthcare providers from regular duties if they are at risk of various ailments. Instead, healthcare providers can manage their schedule on the go using cloud-based solutions.

Allow Adequate Breaks

It comes as no surprise how healthcare providers have managed to control the spread of this deadly pandemic working round the clock.

Healthcare organizations were left baffled about the management of their staffs. Healthcare providers work in a stressed environment, and hard-to-read schedules or prolonged schedules can add to this stress.  

Healthcare staff scheduling software can help health staff and organization authorities efficiently schedule the staff to keep patient care as the top priority. 

Patient care is the utmost priority of healthcare organizations. Scheduling software eases healthcare providers’ lives and makes patient care and management a breeze. 

Improves Patient Care

One of the USPs of medical staff scheduling software is that it can deal with patient care during emergencies. 

Improving patient care through a seamless workflow is one of the ways to speed up emergency cases.  

Accurate scheduling and streamlined workflows can help better manage the patient and the healthcare staff. That also reduces the overcrowding of patients, reducing the staff’s stress level and helps with better budget management. 

Precise and fast communication among the patients would mean more timely care. Thus, scheduling software can prove to be one piece of the patient satisfaction puzzle. 

Patient Appointment Scheduling 

Apart from employee scheduling, the managers and healthcare staff can also manage the appointments for the patient. 

Telemedicine software enhances patient experience with a seamless experience of appointment handling. 

This way, patients can manage and reduce the wait times by getting more involved with technologies like these. 

Wrapping Up: 

Telemedicine is evolving as ever, and so is the role of the scheduling software for enhancing productivity among the health staffs. 

Patient and employee satisfaction is indeed one of the significant objectives of healthcare organizations. Apart from this, emergency case management is quickly taken care of by the scheduling software. 

In the light of the COVID and overwhelming need for such a solution, automated scheduling software, which is cloud-based and works through mobile apps, can help reduce workload drastically and give a competitive edge to other healthcare organizations.


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