Criteria for Selection of Best Scheduling software for Your Hospital

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May 28, 2021

The Healthcare industry was one of the most demanded industries in 2020 with a market value of USD 185.3 billion in 2020 rising from USD 143.6 billion in 2019. 

Managing a large workforce of healthcare staff and doctors could be a challenge for organizations. Hence, scheduling software is a fundamental need for managing healthcare professionals which is a prerequisite in mid to large healthcare organizations. 

From managing the large workforce of nurses to scheduling the locations for caregivers and, staff scheduling software has proved to simplify the scheduling process and improve the communication between different levels of the organization. 

A scheduling software streamlines the workflow and optimizes the communication between the healthcare staff making it a more reliable solution. 

However, the staff scheduling software designed for the healthcare providers must have unique features that improve the efficiency of the workforce and enhance productivity while hampering the costs. 

So, how do you choose the Best Healthcare staff scheduling software for your business? 

How To Choose the Best Scheduling Software for Your Hospital

Choosing the best healthcare roster management software might require a little industry research and what your best competitors are doing. Anyway, this article will help you solve your headache of choosing the best healthcare staff scheduling software.

Solve The Biggest Pain Points

For any industry, the focus must be on hitting the bird’s eye. And to do that, you need to find the pain points. 

That becomes more important when choosing the staff scheduling software for your healthcare organization. Because there is so much to address while managing the overwhelming number of staff and patients, healthcare organizations must seek the features that make their lives easier. 

Here are some of the pain points that scheduling software can help solve for the healthcare staff. 

  • Managing the open shifts and schedules to the doctors
  • Swapping shifts between the nurses and healthcare providers. 
  • Creating a record of the schedules and monthly attendance for the staff. 
  • Disconnected communication between different levels of the healthcare organization. 
  • Tracking overtime of the employees and assigning tasks to various providers. 
  • Lastly, Managing the heft payrolls and transactions of staff workers depending on their work hours. 

Considering the above-given pain points, hospitals or caretaker organizations can measure the level of dependency on this Software. If the pain points are not phenomenal enough, investing in a full suite of Software might be a mere waste. 

Easy To Use

After analyzing the pain points, the next significant criteria for choosing the right scheduling software is its ease of use.

Not everyone is tech-savvy to manage the application or Software that are heavily coded. Think of someone negligent with new technologies. Imagine someone who has just shifted from pen-paper scheduling and management to learning the basics of the spreadsheet. 

What if they are introduced with a clumsy dashboard and heavily coded interface. Before choosing the right scheduling software, keep in mind the following points when deciding on ease of use. 

Can Software be used anywhere? 

How easy is it to set up the scheduling and management? 

What level of training does it require to manage staff scheduling efficiently? 

How many elements or issues can be fixed without involving the developer? 

Do users need to buy a new device to adapt to this Software? 

Hence, the idea behind choosing the right scheduling software is just that anyone should be able to use it and reduce the complexity. 

Affordable Solution

One of the significant advantages of choosing the scheduling software for your healthcare organization is that it improves productivity while hampering operation costs. 

Using individual software solutions for shift scheduling, payroll management and onboarding or shift swapping could prove to be expensive for small and medium-sized organizations. 

Fortunately, some staff scheduling software comes with a plethora of features and benefits while keeping the costs minimum. On average, a staff scheduling software might cost around $2-$5 per user or monthly subscriptions.

For the larger enterprise, a best healthcare roster management software offers flexible pricing options such as the pay-as-per-go pricing model to choose only features you need. 

Hence, when you are on a hunt for choosing affordable scheduling software, check out the essential features for you.  

Integrates with Other Technologies   

To improve your organization’s performance, it is always better to use this scheduling software with the existing technology. 

Moreover, you need a better view of your labour hours, costs, profits, and legal compliance without investing heavily. While some of the scheduling software comes with these features, some are in-built to play with other tools. 

Before choosing a scheduling software for your healthcare business, here are some questions that you should address: 

Does It Integrate well with the payroll management system? 

Are the reports downloadable in any format?

Can It integrate with other hospital management system, if any? 

Can Software be accessed from different devices like Android, iPhone and desktop? 

Integration with the right payroll management solution can help manage your organization’s budget and keep track of the money coming in and coming out. 

Time To Choose the Right Scheduling Software:

The Healthcare industry is as evolving as ever, and it is the right time to flourish your healthcare business. To manage your large workforce, healthcare scheduling software like Dockyo could be a gold mine for enterprises. 

Adopting the right app will help you manage a large workforce and improve productivity among the different departments. is prime and quintessential scheduling software that can be leveraged to better staff management and boost productivity. Sign up for Dockyo and book a demo to access all its features and see how it works. 


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