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A new way to optimize shift scheduling across your enterprise.


Rules – based Scheduling – Automated Scheduling engine generates rules and skills – based schedules.


Swapping and Requesting – Dockyo ensures that all swaps adhere to provider skill set.


Real Time Schedule Access – Up to dare and accurate schedule is available to all providers and staff, on any device.


Designed for All devices – Why should you always have to be infront of your laptop? Configure and manage with Dockyo’s intuitive mobile app, available in Apple and Android versions.

Dockyo’s Most Advanced Scheduling Software which helps in reducing your scheduling time by upto 80%.

– Optimize provider and staff scheduling for increased efficiencies.

– Decrease labor expense of inefficient scheduling

– Improve provider performance through increased productivity, satisfaction and work life balance.

Why Schedule Anywhere


Fast & Easy

Schedule employees with just a few clicks of your mouse


Available as a subscription-based service or as a selft-hosted solution



Online scheduling with no long-term commitment that pays for itself


Hassle Free

Includes FREE live phone and e-mail support



Ideal for small or large business


Developed by the leader in employee scheduling software

Enterprise Scheduling – A centralized view of all your staff scheduling throughout your IT eco-system.

Alerts and notifications – Push Notifications and alerts when a shift is being rescheduled due to a change in calendar, assignments, or opening available shifts.

Shift Swapping – Enabling professionals to trade, drop, or swap their shifts with other professionals.

Native Mobile App – Instantly send schedules and updates to your workforce. Manage entire staff scheduling operations with Dockyo’s intuitive mobile app.

Enhanced Professionals Availability – Your open shift NEVER goes vacant— increase professionals’ availability by internal or external sourcing. Reach professionals beyond boundaries.

Reduction in lean time – Increase the chances of taking up of shifts by 100 percent— intuitive mobile app. for internal and external staff.