The World’s Most Trusted Healthcare Scheduling Software for Employees

The sacred mission of your hospital deserves a powerful coupon of technology to manage your dedicated workforce in the most efficient way. We are introducing Dockyo, the online docket to amaze you with the ultimate possibilities of employee management. The cloud-based solution offers exclusive features developed through extensive research to give the best feasible schedule for your hospital staff

How Dockyo can distort the reality to offer you the best services


Save Large Chunk of Scheduling Time

Dockyo is packed with powerful healthcare-specific functions and tools, that cut scheduling time by up to 80%. Schedule your staff in seconds and publish staff schedules online and have more time for patient care.


Access to Real-Time Schedules Anytime, Anywhere

The staff has anytime access to their schedule via any computer or mobile device. Administrators can review staffing, from any location. Keep your workforce updated with instant text and email messages and that’s how you keep them on track.

Easy to Use Scheduler

We have done the hard work to make the product incredibly easy to use, for you. Administrators have access to different views of the scheduler to analyze the 360* impact of the staff schedule.


Calculate Staff Shift Coverage Instantly

Dockyo helps you to maximize the shift coverage by quickly providing reports and metrics to analyze the staffing ratios. And, that’s not all. You can leverage it to prevent duplicity in scheduling. If a medical staff works in multiple teams or institutions, even if the professional is not in the location, Dockyo tackles this and alerts the administrator.

Are you ready to welcome Dockyo to get amused by the technology-driven docket of successful employee management?

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Dockyo do?

A healthcare staff scheduling software which completely automates your staff scheduling needs. It provides extensive feature list along with scheduling. Further, it offers other value added services- Appointment scheduling, Tele-consultation, Reputation management and Campaign management.

What kind of hardware or software requirements are there for Dockyo?

As Dockyo is completely cloud-based, it requires online portal only to manage schedule and can change on demand. Configure it once and then manage using the mobile app.

Does Dockyo have a schedule request system?

Yes, It enables the professionals to trade, drop or swap their shifts with other professionals.

How is pricing done for Dockyo Scheduling?

Pricing is based on the various features of Dockyo. Connect with our sales team to find a package that is right for your business, or fill up the Contact Us form and a product specialist will reach out to you.

What is Dockyo Healthcare Scheduling Software?

A software that makes your life easy by managing scheduling of the professionals more effective, effortless and hasselfree. — giving you more time to work on other critical tasks.

Why Choose Dockyo scheduling software as Your Scheduling Software?

Dockyo scheduling software for management of medical on-call rosters, clinical allocations and hospital communications. It is a complete cloud based application and supported by world class renowned customer support personnels. Simple and automated workflows to suit your hospital deployment based on your business rules.

It is used by thousands of senior doctors and trainees across dozens of private and public hospitals.

How Many Professionals Can You Schedule with Dockyo Scheduling?

There’s no limit to how many professionals you can schedule with Dockyo. Schedule as many staff for free in our Trail version!