Intelligent Healthcare Staff Scheduling Software

Dockyo helps the busiest healthcare organizations manage time clocks, shifts, schedules, create effective communication and more.

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An Intuitive Team Management Software

Managing large volume of healthcare staff can be a daunting task. Most medical staff scheduling software lack intuitive user interfaces and easy navigation. This leads to nuances of healthcare organizations, leaving them ineffective against healthcare staff scheduling challenges.

Dockyo offers automated schedule generation that can create optimized schedules based on completely customizable user requests. The user interface and scheduling algorithm make the features easy and efficient. Our team has made the system extremely flexible to handle even the most complex situations. Now, you will be able to create a fair and equal schedule for all of your staff based on completely adjustable rules and individual preferences. Our support team will be there to assist you with any concerns you might have along the way.

Why Choose Dockyo’s Staff Scheduling Software For Healthcare?


Clock-In & Out From Any Device

Let your manager, admins and team manage their shifts from anywhere and any device.

✔  Access Dockyo on computers, smartphones, tablets, and POS devices.

✔ Dockyo works almost everywhere you are located.

✔ Completely Cloud-based healthcare scheduling software


Manage Your Team Schedule In Real Time

Dockyo helps optimize scheduling, adapt flexibility and ensure your team is on sync always.

✔ Publish your schedule and your team will be instantly notified.

✔ Track availability and time off to avoid scheduling conflicts.

✔ Receive Instant alerts to avoid any hassle.

✔ Post open shifts for employees to claim.


Get More Control Over Labor Costs

Track and Reduce Labor Costs Easily with Dockyo.

Forecast labor costs and overtime as you build your schedule.

Manage Labor costs in real-time and track your sales.

✔ Stop time theft and labor leakage.

Schedule and track labor costs by role, department or shift type.


How Does Dockyo Work? 

Organises Your Team Information & Roster In One Place

✔ Optimize the schedule by looking into the expected peak hours, peak seasons, and a pool of staff.

✔ Ditch the spreadsheet and paperwork and automate everything.

✔ Manage employee information, such payroll details, open shifts and more.

Analyses the Employee’s Availability and Shifts.

✔ Allows you to keep an eye on the patterns your workers display so you can efficiently deal with the issue.

✔ Admins can assign open shifts to the available staff.

✔ Gives real-time availability in the dashboard and bridge communication.

✔ Send a message and be sure your team is ready to take up the shifts.

Gives You Monthly Insights & Payroll Made Easy 

✔ Track monthly shifts, overtime and leaves and sort by departments.

✔ Download the monthly reports to keep a record of the previous months.

✔ Upload the report into payroll software to obtain payrolls for each employee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is online healthcare scheduling?

Online Healthcare Scheduling is the process of scheduling appointments and shifts by healthcare organizations using online cloud-based software. These software helps healthcare organizations in assigning shifts, and decrease employee turnover.

Why use medical staff scheduling software?

Most healthcare organizations have a large volume of employees and they operate 24 hours every day. Managing a large volume of healthcare staff can be a daunting task. Hospital staff scheduling software are cloud-based platform that reduces paperwork and makes employee management a breeze. Healthcare roster management software makes staff management easier by providing:

  • Eliminating human mistakes and errors to maintain quality
  • Synchronising within organization departments and healthcare workers or staff
  • Tracking leaves and overtime for each employee.

How does a scheduling software help in healthcare management?

Best healthcare staff scheduling software helps manage staff efficiently at all organizational levels. These software come with effective communication features and provides real-time notifications to staff. Most importantly, healthcare scheduling software eliminates paperwork and conventional spreadsheet so that managers can manage and assign open shifts, leaves and track overtime anywhere from the cloud.

Why is flexible scheduling necessary in healthcare?

With flexible scheduling, the healthcare staff are less prone to stress and anxiety. The healthcare staff can work when they are available which reduces burnout.

Why Dockyo is better healthcare scheduling software than others?

Dockyo is the industry leader in healthcare roster management software solution for public & private hospitals. Dockyo is designed by a team of experts in the healthcare industry. Unlike other scheduling software, Dockyo only focuses on the healthcare sector and the best possible ways to eliminate their pain points.

What are the features of good healthcare scheduling apps?

A healthcare scheduling app must have various features such as the real-time chat, 1-on-1 communication, availability for open shifts. Besides this, it must keep track of leaves and overtime of each employee to ensure smooth workflow in healthcare organizations.

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